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    how to stop animal abuse

    dear all
    recently a video surfaced where few Arab boys were dangling a goat in front of three dogs
    the dogs first started biting and then went in to a frenzied attack
    by the end they tied the goats hands to one car and the legs to another car
    they moved the cars a part until the goat was suspended in the air, still alive at that point
    the attack continued by the dogs, finally they drove their cars in opposite direction "no description is really needed"
    the goat died shortly after
    all the people involved were identified and their cars matched to the cars in the video by volunteers, however no legal action was taking not even a fine

    this is the video "the graphic parts removed":

    Warning by admin: this video displays extreme animal cruelty, even in this edited version. Do not view this video unless you can cope with viewing such appalling scenes. You have been warned. The description above is probably enough.

    away from racism and in a constructive manner, what can be done in cases such as this one, where you find that the local law is lacking

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    Re: how to stop animal abuse

    Samir: the video, even in this edited version, is extremely upsetting and I could not bear to watch more than a few seconds. I do not see why you mention racism in your post, as animal cruelty goes on all over the world. It is not restricted to one nation or race.

    You have written that "the local law is lacking". What exactly do you mean? That there are not suitable laws against animal cruelty? Or that there are such laws, but the police were unwilling to prosecute?

    If it is a case of the laws not existing, then there is little can be done. Strong pressure needs to be applied on the government in that country for new animal cruelty laws (the video does not state which country this happened in). Or if the laws do exist but the police wouldn't do anything, then perhaps an appeal could be made to police headquarters about the inaction of the local police force, attaching details of what happened, the names of the perpetrators and some photos.

    If all else fails, perhaps the local newspapers could be informed (with photos).
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    Re: how to stop animal abuse

    This video is heartbreaking, the governing body for the animals right must work on tightening the protection of any animals. I don't get the fact that they allow these abusers to escape the jail. I believe that there's a law in all countries about animal welfare but they are just setting it aside. I have seen numerous animal violence in the internet which is really alarming but it seems like the government don't pay attention into it. These people should pay for their misconduct in order for them to learn their lesson.

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    Re: how to stop animal abuse

    We must continue to be vigilant in all cases of animal abuse and prosecute perpetrators. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we muse speak for, and protect them, from harm.

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    Re: how to stop animal abuse

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    Re: how to stop animal abuse

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