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Thread: Animal Abuse

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    Animal Abuse

    dear all
    is Castration of a goat while it is completely awake with no pain killer or medication, cruel?
    is there any way reasonable to use instead of the current way we do it
    here how it is done normally in my part of the world "maybe disturbing for some viewers".

    i want to suggest different ways but the problem is, other ways are costly
    can anyone suggest a cheaper and more humane way to castrate a goat,?

    Note by admin: Video link removed (too graphic)
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    Re: Animal Abuse

    Welcome to the forum. I have never had goats, but I did have sheep for many years. During those years, I never ever castrated a young male lamb. They were always sold after maturity for reproduction (breeding rams).

    In my opinion, the sort of castration you describe is indeed cruel, painful and barbaric - especially without anaesthetic. A vet could do it for you, using a local anaesthetic. Otherwise, you can buy a special tool and some special bands. You can read about it here:

    Note well: even banding is a painful procedure and administration of lidocaine (a painkiller) is necessary. See note 2 of the notes above.

    No animal should be subjected to unnecessary pain.

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    Re: Animal Abuse

    thank you LPC for your reply

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    Re: Animal Abuse

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Ferrent (ferret parent/owner) to Nancy, Jimmy, Willow, Watson, Smokii, Slynkee, Sherlock and Scylla the EU polecat hybrid.
    Come and see what they're up to here -
    RIP Florence, Jasper, and Bandit the eu polecat.

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    Re: Animal Abuse

    thank you Frolicking Ferrets



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