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Thread: Get Quill well!

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    Get Quill well!

    Sorry if this isn't allowed, I'm just desperate to save my best friend.

    I'll start by giving you a bit of the back story.

    When I was 15 years old I pleaded with my dad to let me have a cat, he came home to my surprise one day with not just 1 cat but 2 cats!

    I learned the history of these poor kittens (Coco & Indie).

    Indie was 5 weeks old when she was rescued from being drowned in a mop bucket and Coco was 4 weeks old when she was rescued from the garage that she was abandoned in.

    Because of their similar age they were kept in the same cage after their initial treatment and then became sisters.

    My dad couldn't bear to leave the one behind so brought them both to their forever home!

    Coco became pregnant much to my dads displeasure as he told me I needed to get them neutered which obviously I didn't do. Poor Coco struggled with her labor and the birth of the first kitten who sadly died, but then Jasper came along followed by Quill!

    Both brothers thrived for the first 6 months,but then for some unknown reasons Quill began to withdraw from playing with his brother who was leaping about, at first I thought he was just growing up and becoming a house cat so I wasn't too concerned.

    After a few months I started to notice that Quill wasn't in fact growing up and becoming a house cat, he was actually unwell.

    For long periods of time he had little to no energy, you could see in his eyes that he wanted to play with his brother Jasper, but wasn't able to due to zero levels of energy.

    I then started to look for problems within his diet, what I haven't mentioned before now is that Quill and Jasper through no fault of mine (I have tried every brand of cat food possible & tinned fish) do not eat normal cat food, they will both only eat processed sliced meat, or freshly cooked chicken, this lead me to think that maybe he had a vitamin deficiency.

    After taking him to the vet they prescribed meta-cam which perked him up for a short while and he was having good days as well as bad days.

    He's almost 3 years old now (The vet said he looked 17) and his condition is deteriorating at a scary rate, fast forward to yesterday, I became so concerned that I had to help him as best as I could, so again I took him to the vets, the vet placed him on a drip and they kept him in the veterinary hospital over night . The visit cost me 200. Walking away from the vets without Quill, I felt crushed I've never had such an upsetting night and was awake for most of the night stressing and hoping for the best.

    Today at work I received a phone call from the Vet explaining that Quill's condition was very poor, he also said that Quills red blood cells are destroying themselves and that he is severely anemic and that they had done multiple tests to rule out cancer/aids etc.

    On arriving at the vets to see Quill I was presented with a further 300 bill.

    As I am a university student and working part time I don't have unlimited income and this has pretty much wiped out my bank account of any student loan and wages that I had left.

    The vets have now sent me away with steroids and antibiotics, because I told them that I don't have the funds for the further testing and treatment, however he did explain that he could really do with doing more tests on Quill and that he thinks Quill will need a blood transfusion, I'm not versed in medical terms and a lot of what the vet said to me I didn't understand ,the part I did understand was that he said it could cost hundreds to thousands of pounds for this treatment, my heart was crushed because I have no physical way of getting such money and it feels like its a death sentence for Quill because I cannot pay for his further treatments.

    My family are not in a financial position to help me so that is why I'm asking you guys out of desperation to help me fund Quills care and treatment.

    Help give him the chance to live a happy joyous cat life to the fullest as I feel it would be criminal to let him wither because money was the obstacle to make him better.

    Should you wish to donate and help get Quill back to health I will keep you all updated on his progress and send photos of him hopefully playing and full of energy again, please rest assured any funds that aren't used on his treatment will be used to help others in similar situations.

    I say this with an animal loving heart, thank you for taking your time to read and hopefully contribute to Quills cause.
    Help spread the word!

    Quill's page:
    Link to third-party fundraising site removed. Please contact the member directly via private message for further details.
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    Re: Get Quill well!

    Welcome to the forum. I am very sorry to read about your situation. Please note that you posted two identical threads on this issue. That is contrary to forum rules and I have deleted your duplicate thread. Your thread was automatically sent for moderation because you included a link to a fundraising site.

    I wish you well in your appeal, although I must say that the claim of your vet that it could cost "hundreds to thousands of pounds for this treatment" seems excessive. You should consult other vets.

    I must append this standard note to readers, which we attach to any appeals for money from third-party fundraising sites:

    Any members or visitors reading this thread are advised to make their own independent enquiries, if they are considering making a donation. In the case of third-party fundraising sites, there is no way of verifying how the funds will be used.

    You are advised to contact the member directly by private message via this forum, asking for details of the veterinary surgeon: name, address, telephone number, email, website address and account reference number for this pet. You should check these details with the vet directly, before considering making a donation.
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