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    help our homeless dogs and cats to survive

    Hello! My name is Helena! I want to tell you about our homeless dogs and cats.
    There are much many homeless animals. It is winter and very cold, but our dogs are hungry and they dies in the streets. *Sometimes they are attack children and people! There is not financial of nurseries.
    townspeople tries to gather the money, but its so few to solve the problem of. They are all dies in the streets without eat and warm! *We need an animal shelter! *This pets need a medicines and care. We can give it to them.*Only human can help them! Even 1 dollar can save live for pets! *And we want to help them all together! Can we save their lives?

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    Re: help our homeless dogs and cats to survive

    Helena, that is a wonderful cause which you seeking to support. However, the link is merely to a fundraising cause. You have not stated which charity you seeking to support. What is the name, address, website, email and telephone number of the charity? This is important information.

    Note to members reading this post: the link is to a third party fundraising site, where it is not known into which bank account the donations will directed. You are advised not to donate until a detailed reply has been received from the OP.

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    Re: help our homeless dogs and cats to survive

    Yes, I agree, I found a homeless dog outside of my house and I take him to my home. I am really happy and now he is like our family member. One week ago I surprised my doggie with a cuddly rabbit design toy. It's from Nandog and the toys extremely durable and looks very cute.
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    Re: help our homeless dogs and cats to survive

    It's nice to know that you are doing something good to the voiceless. But i would love to ask you from which charity you belogn to?
    I have a stray dog, aged 7 years. I adopted him when she was a puppy and found her roaming on the street alone. I am happy watching her grow and she has been a like a family member to us. I would suggest to people, if they can adopt at least one dog, we can help give them a good life they deserve.

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    Re: help our homeless dogs and cats to survive

    I'm willing to support them financially but please give us the full details of the charity that you belong. This would be a really great idea!

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    Re: help our homeless dogs and cats to survive

    Really great idea!

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    Re: help our homeless dogs and cats to survive

    I agree with Helena, Please adopt a pet, don't buy it!



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