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    Warning: Pentobarbital found in US dog food

    I just found this article on the BBC website. For the moment, it seems that only one brand of dog food has caused dog death or ill-health, but the meat supplier (if at fault) does supply other companies:

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    Re: Warning: Pentobarbital found in US dog food

    That's well.... Bad :/

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    Re: Warning: Pentobarbital found in US dog food

    that `s bad

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    Re: Warning: Pentobarbital found in US dog food

    "Evanger's Hunk of Beef 'Au jus'....Premium tender beef roast simmered in its own juices"
    Plus picture of beef roast.

    It is fairly obvious from the sad and tragic results that there is more in this dog food -and will be in other dog foods -than what is written on the can/pack.

    Yet it's so easy to be taken in by the hype.

    I have a neighbour who never buys dog food. She has twelve dogs, five of them puppies. (Happy healthy well looked after dogs by the way.)

    She goes to a local farm shop about five miles away, and buys special packs of real meat which are human-grade quality. For a bulk buy she gets a cheaper deal. She supplements this food with other healthy ingredients such as salmon oil, quinoa, brown rice, and potato, and adds a dog-specific multi-vitamin/mineraland other essential nutrients for dogs. She also gives them small amounts of blueberries and apple.
    It costs her just a little bit more all-told than it would to buy processed dog food.
    She knows for sure she is giving her dogs nothing toxic or deadly. Of course it means she has to devote some time to preparing the meals and then freezing them in portion sizes, but she is happy to do that for her little "pack".



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