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    cats toys recomandations!

    Hey guys!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Iv'e thought about dedicating this Thread to cats toys. We have a lot but I think they kind of board from them... So you are more than welcome to add your cats' favorites toys.

    I would like to start with this DIY toy that I mad and my cats going crazy about it. I put in a regular plastic small bottle a few small marbles inside the bottle (pay attention that the marbles aren't too big so they cud fit inside the ball ) and close the cap with glow. Than I just roll it on the floor and the run after it like crazy...

    The marbles and the glow I bought in a dollar store and the bottle we allways have at home... so really cheap one.


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    Re: cats toys recomandations!

    Great idea! Please post a picture if you can.

    The simplest toys are often the best. My mother's cat loves to play with wrapping paper coiled into a ball shape.

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    Re: cats toys recomandations!

    Sure! I'm now on work trip but when ill be back :)

    what about the rest of you? maybe links from amazon?

    I want to buy them somthing good this time....

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    Re: cats toys recomandations!

    Cardboard box, cats +cardboard boxes = Happy cats

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    Re: cats toys recomandations!

    I agree with Froliking Ferrets, cardboard boxes. Whenever I've bought my cat a toy, they've not really been interested in it. But when I have a cardboard box, they will take interest lol.

    Save yourself money and buy a cardboard box



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