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Thread: nail caps?

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    nail caps?

    Hey there,

    so after my first post here, I got this nice website that was recommended to me to read about the scratching issue...

    I so that a lot is recommending of the nail caps (soft paws...)

    Have you been trying this out?

    our formal Vet (before we moved to the US) actually said that we shouldn't use it because it creates problems with the cats' behavior. He also add that some cats try to take it out and eat that so it can cause problem in the digestive system...

    So Im really confused and with a bad state sofa.

    Any ideas? Recommendations?


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    Re: nail caps?

    Lulilu, please don't forget the second website I mentioned in your welcome thread:

    I would suggest trying that first. There is video that you can watch. The nail caps are not a good idea and are really only a last resort, for the reasons you mention.

    Please do not, under any circumstances, permit any vet to pursuade you have declawing carried out. This is still legal in much of the USA but is banned in many countries on animal welfare grounds.


    If you find that the Feliway does not work, then you could try putting some cat repellent spray on your furniture:

    In your welcome thread, you said that your sofa was in a very poor state and might need replacing. In that case, I would suggest that you invest in a set on zip-on protective covers for the new sofa. Good luck! Please come back and tell us how you get on.
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    Re: nail caps?

    Hey there
    thank you for replay again!
    declawing is NOT vn an option for us!!! a vt that would offer it wont be our vet...
    about the Feliway - the reviews are not so good in amazon... did yu try it out?
    I guess Ill start with the viniger idea - more economical also....

    Ill defently keep you posted!
    thank you again!!!

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    Re: nail caps?

    I think nail caps might affect the way a cat walks. Even the slightest imbalance or clumsiness might result in a peculiar walk, and later perhaps cause joint problems?

    Cats are creatures of habit much like dogs in that way. They get used to doing a certain thing in a certain place....etc.
    My own idea would be to get a big log of wood in, at least 3ft tall, and stand it against the wall (make it secure so it won't topple over.) Wait for her to get curious about it and hopefully she will start to scratch on that. Trying to make a cat 'get interested' in something is usually a waste of time as they will only do anything they have decided to do! But once you see she is interested, and when she starts to scratch it (which she probably will) you might be onto a winner.

    In the meantime I would suggest putting some old cloth over the sofa. And every time she starts to scratch there, flick her away gently but firmly and say "No!"

    The cat I know definitely has favourite scratching-places, and doesn't do it anywhere else.

    I think they are stretching out their leg muscles when they do that. The resistance caused by their claws helps to stretch the muscles.

    I have also heard that Feliway has mixed results and might help calm them but won't necessarily change their habitual behaviour re: their favourite places for doing this and that.
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    Re: nail caps?

    Thanks Tobi!
    th thing is we have a tool with wood and ropes. Some times he scratch it but he also liked the sofa.
    I know that he know that he is not allowed to doo that and I think he do it on purpose.

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    Re: nail caps?

    Is he an indoor cat? If so, why not just clip his nails? Just be careful not to cute the quick. I used to cut the nails on my cats when I had them because they kept trying to kill the sofa, after clipping their nails, they started to get the hint that the scratch post was what helped them shed off the old layer of nail for the new layers to grow.

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    Re: nail caps?

    Hey there- Frolicking Ferrets
    I am cliping every 2 weeks... the thing is the vet showed me that you should only cut the top the edge of the nail. I f you di it more you can hurt them and actually cause an opposite utcome and they will scratch more...



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