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Thread: Faithful Dogs!

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    Faithful Dogs!

    Great story about a faithful dog and friend.

    On a sadder note - here where I live in the Mimbres valley, New Mexico on Jan 13, 2017 an elderly woman (88 years old) was found dead in the hallway of her home from smoke inhalation. Her house was on fire when an off duty sheriff and his brother were on their way somewhere and as they drove by they noticed smoke coming from her house. The sheriff broke down the door and found the woman succumbed by smoke and was laying in the hallway. Her faithful dog was also found dead laying by her side succumbed by the smoke also. Sad.... but at least they died in comfort of one another.....

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    Re: Faithful Dogs!

    That's sweet :)

    Sad but also sweet in a way.

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    Re: Faithful Dogs!

    The article from Fox News is yet another example of a dog's unconditional love for his caretaker. Good find, David! By the way, for anyone outside the USA, 24ยบ F equals minus 4.4 C (approx). See (ha, ha!):

    Your local news has a tragic end, David, but it is yet another example of the close bond between dog and caretaker.
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    Re: Faithful Dogs!

    That is a wonderful story about Kelsey and Bob. He really does owe his life to Kelsey. A fantastic dog who wouldn't shut up and kept howling.
    They love us very much and will do whatever they can for us. Bless you Kelsey!

    Bob is lucky his spinal compression is healing, and that -thanks to Kelsey -he didn't succumb to hypothermia that night as he laid in below freezing weather for 19 hours!

    I am sorry to hear of that lady and her dog, where you live. But yes, they were together to the end. Bless their Souls.

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    Re: Faithful Dogs!

    This is sad story. Dogs <3

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    Re: Faithful Dogs!

    A fantastic dog

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