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    My puppy loves wires

    Anyone else's puppy seem to LOVE chewing wires?

    Yes, I try my best to keep them out of site. Anyone have any recommendations for how to deter him?

    I spoke to my friend (a fellow dog lover) who suggested unplugging everything after seeing this video.

    Has anyone ever used any plug guards or anything?

    ANy suggestions would be great.


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    Re: My puppy loves wires

    Welcome to the forum! Please go to the introductions section to say hello to members.

    I watched the video, which is produced by a recognised charity and gives a very timely warning to all pet owners about the dangers of leaving animals alone in the home with electrical devices still plugged in.

    Regarding the problem with your puppy, I would think that unplugging devices is the best solution. However, when I was a teenager my mother had a rabbit (who found her, not the other way round!) and he had a habit of chewing electrical cables - whether we were in or out of the house at the time. We used to change cables when possible, but sometimes in an emergency we were forced to put insulation tape on the chewed cables, LOL! We put the wires under carpets or behind furniture, wherever possible.

    The only solution in the case of your puppy would seem to be to only put down essential wires as you use them and watch carefully. When you are not there, then the only really safe solution is to unplug - or preferably remove any cables at floor level. Hiding wires under carpets or behind furniture should minimise the risk, too.

    Ultimately your puppy will probably grow out of chewing things. It is a natural phase in growing up, which normally disappears as the dog matures.

    However, if he persists in chewing wires later on he will need training in not chewing them. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about training dogs not to chew. I won't give links here, but it is easy to search for videos there.
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    Re: My puppy loves wires


    It gives a great warning to pet owners and certainly opened my eyes.

    I've told everyone I know about the dangers. Its just something that you don't really think of isn't it.

    Thanks for the advice. It sounds like I'm on track.

    I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a trick in dealing with it.

    I've been keeping most things out of reach! And I've also tried a few training tips (with the view that we'll start classes soon).

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: My puppy loves wires

    I find it strange that I stumbled on this thread tonight.
    I am looking after someone else's cat, long-term. She lives in her own territory (a neighbour's) but has a nice room she has constant access to.
    That room is unheated. I bought a small oil-filled radiator for her room and it is now not hot in there but pleasant. She definitely appreciates that. Before, she only had a furry 'envelope' bed to get inside. Now the whole room is nicer.

    Everything fine....or so I thought. But tonight something scary happened. I saw her pawing at the underside of the heater, so took a look. She was clawing at the black cable which comes out of the radiator underneath, and runs to the socket!
    I shouted "NO!" quickly while she was doing it, and she responded, pulling back her paw and cringing a little bit. She knew exactly what I was talking about.
    I am not supposed to restrict the air flow to this heater, but had to do something, even though it was ten o clock at night and I could hardly see a thing.
    I went out to the shed and found a small tin, filled it with nuts and bolts so it is WAY heavier than she can shift with her paw. I put that in front of where the wire comes out.
    Tomorrow I will fix a strip of fine chicken wire across the bottom, and secure it with steel wire (not inflammable). That will be better.

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    Re: My puppy loves wires

    Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. It's really very important for dog's safety when he is alone in the home. In my opinion, we should give them the training for it. But apart from this, we can use the camera to check what they ar doing. Recently I have ordered eyenimal pet vision from Posh Puppy boutique store. This is a digital audio video camera which enables unlimited monitoring of your pet and you can connect it to your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, PC etc.



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