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    Unhappy My Maltese Bites and Won't Stand Still!

    So I've had a Maltese dog for about six years now, and I've had him since he was a puppy. In all these six years, he's been totally fine, except he would be too full of energy, and wouldn't stay still, and he would bite you if you tried to pick him up. I really want him to stop having these negative behavioral traits. Can someone help me out?

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    Re: My Maltese Bites and Won't Stand Still!

    Welcome to animal forum,

    Have you tried giving him a treat while picking him up? Positive things like treats added to things animals aren't sure of seems to help animals with realizing things aren't as bad as they think they are. i used this method with my ferret at the start of last year because he had trust issues and would bite whenever he'd see a hand, 3 month later and he became one of the softest, cuddliest ferret I have :)

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    Re: My Maltese Bites and Won't Stand Still!

    Yes, FF has given you good advice above. Our dog, whom we got from a dog refuge last summer, loves going out in the car. This was the case especially in the early days of being with us, probably because it was such a change from being in a cage in a shelter. He would happily jump out when we reached other places, but refused to get out when he saw that we had returned home, LOL! He used to growl if we tried to force him out of the car - every time we got home! He would prefer to sit in the car for hours, rather than get out, although he was fine once he did finally get out and trot into the house.

    So we tried the idea of taking his favourite dog treat with us in the car. When we returned home, we would get out his treat, scrumple the packet loudly and let him see and smell it. That got him out of the car all right! Then I would take him for a walk.

    That is no longer necessary. He is usually keen to get out of the car, even without a treat. You just need to break the habit.

    However, six years is a long time and the habit of biting when being picked up may be harder to break. Try what FF and I have suggested. Persevere over several weeks, and all should be well. But if not.....then get in a dog behaviour specialist to observe and advise.
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