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    Training the owner and the dog!

    So my girlfriend has a male Dachshund who is around 2 years old and has recently started to show some off behaviour signs and signs of stress and anxiety (or so we think). She has moved a few times in the last year and now lives with some younger males in their 20s who dont seem to have much time for the little guy. When I first met him he would come to his name, not bark unless someone was passing the front fence, and would go to the bathroom outside and happily play with other dogs when we went to the dog park. As much as she adores her little one she seems to forget dogs dont know english and yelling at him "stop barking" doesnt really work...

    However recently in this new environment his behaviour has changed drastically and my girlfriend just sees it as him acting up, which i have a feeling it could be a bit deeper then that. He will sit in the backyard and seemingly bark at nothing for hours, walking from each side of the yard just looking around as he does. He wont respond to his name most of the time unless you already have his attention, which has then meant his ability to do simple tasks like sit has become a task in its own. He will go to the bathroom inside ether when my girlfriend isnt around or if he has been naughty even though the door to outside is open, and when playing with other dogs he will be incredibly jealous and lash out if ether of us gives that dog any attention.

    I should also mention he was in the last 2 weeks Neutered as a way to see if that would help his behavior

    As i am not a dog owner i can only really give my perspective from the outside, and i hope someone has had something similar or can pass on some advice that we can use. Any information or hep would be greatly appreciated and im glad a place like this exists to ask questions :)

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    Re: Training the owner and the dog!

    Your case is far from straightforward. There are a lot of factors at play here, I think. Firstly, you state that the poor dog has "moved several times". That in itself is stressful, plus the fact that dachshunds are quite nervous dogs and easily stressed (I had one as a child). Secondly, you have written that your girlfriend's dog "now lives with some younger males in their 20s who dont seem to have much time for the little guy". Is she sharing a flat or house with these males? if so, do they have access to the dog whilst your girlfriend is out? Could one of these young males perhaps not like dogs and is locking him up or forcing him into the garden to avoid contact when she is not there? Have you looked into that possibility? It is not likely, but I mention it in any case. The sudden changes in behaviour suggest some "behind the scenes" factor.

    Being neutered can affect a dog's behaviour, but as the traits you mentioned existed before the operation, it is unlikely to be the cause of the problems. However, partial incontinence can be a rare side-effect of neutering. It might be worth consulting the vet about that issue.

    You are clearly a kind and compassionate person, having gone to the trouble of asking for advice on your girlfriend's behalf. Is there some reason why she is not seeking advice herself?

    It is difficult to offer any obvious explanation. It would probably be wise for your girlfiend to call in a dog behaviourist, who will go into these and similar questions in depth, maybe watch the dog in his environment. That is the best way forward.

    Every best wish to you!
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    Re: Training the owner and the dog!

    Thanks for sharing..



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