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    Please help!!! Dog seizures

    Hi. I've got dog - miniature schnauzer. Since 2013, for 3 years it had 6-10 days (with 10-12 seizures) per year. Now number of seizures increased, and since last thursday's nigh it had about 20 seizures every day. I don't want to give it more luminal (now it is 25mg twice a day), because of liver. When I applicate diazepamum per rectum it's even worse, I gave it two times at friday and don't want to do it anymore. I can't go to the work and I'm scared about my dog's heart, it's big load for it. Have you got any ideas what can I do, please, it's important for me. I will go to the wet at Monday, now I can;t do it.

    I've got some old videos of my dog seizures, if it help You:

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    Re: Please help!!! Dog seizures

    I'm sorry to read about the seizures which your poor dog is suffering. However, the people on this forum are not qualified vets and cannot give a diagnosis or suggested treatment. Your vet must be your first port of call.

    However, here are some pages which may help you:

    Every best wish to you and your dog! please come back and let us know how you got on.

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    Re: Please help!!! Dog seizures

    I totally agree with LPC, you really need to get your dog to the vet, at this point you need a qualified professional to help your dog. I really hope things turn out well.

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    Re: Please help!!! Dog seizures

    You can also try this site for alternatives but do consult your vet if you haven't already.



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