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    Top Dog Hey, I'm an animals fanatic!

    Hey there,

    I'm Annika.
    Recently I have been volunteering abroad in an animals shelter called "TEARS Animal Rescue"- mainly for dogs but also for cats, bunnies, birds etc.
    I was working for 3 months and everyday I fell more and more in love with all the animals.
    I was not just preparing food, feeding, playing, socializing and stuff, but I was also allowed to show people around who may adopt a dog.
    Also I could help in the animals clinic, which was one of the best experiences ever!

    After half of my stay I was really willing to help more long-term (especially cause I knew I would fly home again and I wouldn't be able to help with physical work),
    what brought me to the idea of starting some fundraising for the non-profit organization I was working for.
    I became unbelievably passionate about it. I just love animals so much, guys.

    I not only wanna say a hello to everyone, I also wanna know:
    How do you think I can promote my fundraising for more people noticing and being interested in what TEARS is doing?

    Have a wonderful evening/day - wherever you may be!

    P.S if you are interested about what fundraising I was talking about, you can check it out here if you want to :)

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    Re: Hey, I'm an animals fanatic!

    Hi Annika, welcome to animal forum. Feel free to explore the forum and ask questions.



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