The situation of stray dogs in Romania is quite critical.

A few years ago Romania had a real problem with stray dogs wandering freely on the streets of the cities,including the capital Bucharest. There were even a couple of fatal incidents where stray dogs attacked people biting them resulting in death. Therefore authorities decided to clear the streets of dogs. A very good decision in a civilzed,21st century country. However the problem is with the housing of the stray dogs.

There are 2 types of dog shelters: the ones owned by the government and the ones managed by ngo's or just simply people,dog lovers.

The thing that aggravates me is that the government does absolutely nothing to sustain a good functionality of the dog shelters. These dog shelters do not receive sufficient funds from the government to ensure a proper life quality for the dogs. That's why the dogs are living almost like in a extermination camp: low on food,virtualy no medical care and living in cages that do not respect the international standards for minimum space required. This is to mention just the basic,fundamental issues. I won't get into some sadder details.

Luckily there are some ngo managed shelters that take good,proper care of the dogs being housed there. But unfortunately these shelters too are struggling with assuring the monthly cost of the dogs' maintenance.

That's why i decided to do something for these dogs shelters and basically for the dogs living there. I decided to take action and do something as i realised that Romanian government doesn't care about this at all and nothing will happen if i rely on them.

So i want to ask for your help in donating for the cause of stray dogs here in Bucharest (as this is where i live and this is where i can actually make a difference).

If you are a dog lover,if you own a dog,if you are a pet owner,or if you are simply just an animal lover please donate to help provide a decent life for some of the stray dogs shelters here in Bucharest.

Thank you very much.