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Thread: Aquarium Salt

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    Aquarium Salt

    i have recently discovered that my betta has velvet and possibly fin rot and decided to purchase some Jungle brand aquarium salt. i am aware that it could possibly do harm to my fish, but i feel that it is necessary because he has a pretty bad case of both. he's still doing alright -- he's eating and isn't lethargic to the point where he doesn't move when i do. i have read everything on the aquarium salt package and i am preparing it now. i just want to make sure i'm going to use it correctly.
    the package told me to use a tablespoon per every 5 gallons of water, and because my betta lives in a 10 gallon, i added two into a cup of warm water. it is dissolving right now. i wanted to know if anyone has any experience with treating fish with aquarium salt or if people could correct me/answer questions.
    i have a few questions:
    1. do i need to treat the betta for more than one day?
    2. will lighting affect how the salt works?
    3. should i do a water change before i add in the dissolved salt?
    thank you!

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    Re: Aquarium Salt

    Hiya sunny, I have not a clue about aquarium salts, sowwee.......
    Hopefully someone on here will have some knowledge on aquarium salts.

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    Re: Aquarium Salt

    I am no expert, but after a bit of research on the net it would seem wise to change the water to fresh before you add the treatment. Changing water frequently is a good way to avoid such diseases; velvet changes form in a repeated life cycle (see Wikipedia for more details). I have read that keeping the tank in darkness for seven days helps to reduce the life cycle of velvet, as it relies partly on photosynthesis for its life cycle.

    After writing the above, I just found this page, which may help you:

    Every best wish to you and your fish!
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    Re: Aquarium Salt

    @Frolicking Ferrets
    thank you for reading my post anyway!

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    Re: Aquarium Salt

    thank you for all of the helpful information!
    i have been keeping my curtains shut 24/7 since a few days ago, and they are very good at keeping light out, so my betta's tank is really dark.
    as for the page, i have read it from top to bottom and i'll do my best to follow the instructions on it.
    i really appreciate your help, once again!



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