i have recently discovered that my betta has velvet and possibly fin rot and decided to purchase some Jungle brand aquarium salt. i am aware that it could possibly do harm to my fish, but i feel that it is necessary because he has a pretty bad case of both. he's still doing alright -- he's eating and isn't lethargic to the point where he doesn't move when i do. i have read everything on the aquarium salt package and i am preparing it now. i just want to make sure i'm going to use it correctly.
the package told me to use a tablespoon per every 5 gallons of water, and because my betta lives in a 10 gallon, i added two into a cup of warm water. it is dissolving right now. i wanted to know if anyone has any experience with treating fish with aquarium salt or if people could correct me/answer questions.
i have a few questions:
1. do i need to treat the betta for more than one day?
2. will lighting affect how the salt works?
3. should i do a water change before i add in the dissolved salt?
thank you!