my rabbit Sienna has grown pretty large nails over the past several months. i don't think they're becoming a serious problem, but i occasionally see her flicking her back paws while moving around, which i think can mean that they're getting caught in the blanket i have set down for her. i've tried to trim her nails in the past but she usually pulls away from me when i try to lift a paw. i obviously don't want to force her to stay put, but her nails are just getting too long. i could take her to a vet to have them do it but having them do it rather than me probably won't make it any easier. i also lack a decent carrier to bring her in. i've watched many videos on it, but because Sienna is so afraid of being lifted up off the ground by any human, they don't help me too much. has anyone else dealt with a similar problem who can help me out?