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Thread: hey there!

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    hey there!

    i'm sunny and i really love animals. i've wanted to join an animal forum for a little while now, and it was today that i decided to search for one.
    i've made countless mistakes in the several years i've owned animals (all of them being pretty serious mistakes), but i'm working hard to make sure they don't happen again.
    i currently have 4 cats, a dwarf rabbit, and a betta fish. the oldest feline i own is 6, and her name is willow. we (as in my family) adopted her from a local adoption center a few months ago. i sometimes call her "wacky willow" because she's pretty wild for a 6 year-old cat. I also have a 6 year-old cat named minime. her birthday was pretty recently (November 30th) and we raised her from birth. her name comes from the fact that her markings were very similar to her mother's. i no longer own her mother, mittens, as she was my brother's cat and he wanted to take her with him when he moved out. She sadly escaped out of his door one day and he hasn't seen her since. my family calls minime "beeb", and we have no idea why. she's really chubby and is grumpy most of the time. romeo and ruby are my other two cats, and they are actually related. romeo's sister gave birth to ruby, which makes him her uncle. ruby is still very young, but romeo is about 2 years old. the two are very playful and sweet and each have their own quirks.
    my dwarf rabbit's name is sienna, which came from the color of her fur. her old name was butterball (which i think is actually a really cute name) and we got her from a woman who lives a while away from us. the rabbit belonged to the woman's daughter, who had to go off to college and couldn't care for the rabbit therefore. the woman tried contacting a local rabbit breeder trying to give it to them, but they didn't take in rabbits. me and my mother had been contacting the breeder to put a rabbit on hold, and when this woman called they told us all about her. sienna is a pretty sweet rabbit and lets me pet her, but i don't think she's all that attached to me. i've spent more time trying to get close to her but it's not making too much of a difference. she also has a problem with hay as she sort of avoids it and eats pellet food instead. i just recently found out that i needed to be feeding her more leafy greens, and she's not really interested in those either. i'm trying to give her less pellet food and more greens, but i have yet to see if it will work.
    my betta's name is q. yes, that's his name. when i bought him i had no idea for a name and even after several months he still lacked a good name. my mom joked that we should just called him "question mark" (q for short), and even though that's a pretty ridiculous name, it stuck, for whatever reason. q lives in a ten gallon (i just moved him out of a tiny pet store plastic tank that i've kept bettas in for over 6 years -- that's one of my horrible mistakes) tank with a few fake plants, a decoration he can swim in and out of, and a nice little rock. i found out just a few months ago the millions of things i was doing wrong and rushed to get him into a decent tank with a heater and plenty of space. i'm pretty sure he's a veiltail. his face is a little brownish/grayish, which is the way he's been since i got him. the rest of him is a purple/blue color, and there are streaks of pink in his fins. he's got quite the personality which i'm thankful to see every now and then since i never saw it before he was moved into a new tank.
    thanks to anyone who read this giant wall of text. i appreciate it!

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    Re: hey there!

    Hello sunny and welcome to animal forums, that was quite a read :)
    Feel free to prowl around and ask questions

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    Re: hey there!

    Warmest greetings! You have written a very detailed introduction and I look forward to reading all your posts.

    Are you thinking of getting Q a friend or partner?

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    Re: hey there!

    @Frolicking Ferrets
    thank you for the welcome! i've already spent a little bit of time trying to figure things out, but i will definitely make sure to ask a question if i have one.

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    Re: hey there!

    thank you!
    i have considered introducing other fish into q's tank. i think he's probably the kind of betta that wouldn't be bothered by other fish living with him, but i'm not too sure what kind of creatures i would add.

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    Re: hey there!

    Hello Sunny!!!!!! - I am glad you found Animal Forum! We look forward to your valuable input!

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    Re: hey there!

    i'm glad too! thank you so much!

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    Re: hey there!

    Wow Sunny, this was a great introduction! We are very happy to welcome you in the Animal Forum

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    Re: hey there!

    thank you so much!



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