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    Feedback on Liver tumor

    I would appreciate any feedback on the diagnosis we received for our 12 year old miniature dachshund. She was a puppy mill rescue and came with a host of skin related issues. On Sunday, she was obviously not feeling well, vomiting and extremely uncomfortable. When her breathing became labored, we took her to the after hours clinic, where she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Long story short, 2 days later, we find out she has a "massive" liver tumor. The doctor says surgery is the only treatment option with referral to a specialist in Memphis. Does anyone have experiences they can share regarding such a significant procedure.

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    Re: Feedback on Liver tumor

    I'm not overly familiar with dog medical issues and I've not had any animal of mine have to go through surgery so I can't really help you, sorry.

    The other members may have advise to give you to help with your situation.

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    Re: Feedback on Liver tumor

    I have no direct experience of liver tumours in dogs, either. However, I suggest that you do a Google search for "operating on liver tumor on dog" (I used used the American spelling for tumour, as you mention an American city in your post). Such a search brought up a lot of useful links, which you can follow.

    However, here is one particularly relevant:

    Is the tumour benign or malignant? I suggest that you ask your current vet as many questions as possible, as we on this forum are not in a position to give medical advice.

    My best wishes for the recovery of your dog. Keep us posted.

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    Re: Feedback on Liver tumor

    I do have experience with a liver tumour on my dog, but that was a "Hemangiosarcoma" tumour, and they were also on her spleen, and subcutaneously. Hemangiosarcoma originates from the bone marrow and endothelial cells, so spreads everywhere the blood goes like wildfire, and blood-rich organs succumb easily. The liver tumour was a 'secondary' not a primary tumour in her case, and was inoperable.

    There are many forms of 'tumours'; some benign (non-cancerous) and many forms of cancer. It's impossible for me to comment on what type your dog has, as I cannot know. The best thing you can do is follow the advice your vet has suggested. If he has recommended surgery, then there has to be some hope in that.

    I would go with the advice you have received.

    I wish your dog well.
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    Re: Feedback on Liver tumor

    I have never experienced such with my dog but i really hope she pulls through the surgery. All the best.



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