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    A sick idea is dropped in Japan

    In Japan, a theme park called Space World thought up the weird idea to create a skating rink with lots of frozen fish in it. The people would skate over lots of dead fish - for their entertainment. See for yourself:

    Following public protests in Japan itself, the theme park has now closed the rink temporarily whilst the fish are removed. It tried to justify the idea by saying that the fish were already dead when put in the ice rink. But who would want to skate over a load of dead fish? The idea seems bizarre and unnecessary.

    Thank goodness public reaction had this "attraction" closed. Otherwise, other theme parks might have copied the idea.

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    Re: A sick idea is dropped in Japan

    Rather strange thing to do, where'd they come up with that idea?

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    Re: A sick idea is dropped in Japan

    A very good question. I suspect that they thought they could make lots of money because of something "new". But the public reaction shows what people thought of the idea. The attraction park has claimed that the fish were already dead when they were frozen, but I suspect that this is just a public relations damage limitation cover-up. The fish can be seen in one photo with all their mouths gaping wide open. Also, I doubt whether the attraction park bought old, already dead fish which were no longer fit for consumption (as it claims), as such fish could have presented a health risk. So the poor fish were probably frozen alive.

    Eating sentient creatures for food is one thing, but killing them to be used as a skating attraction only is another thing.
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    Re: A sick idea is dropped in Japan

    Very sad and unnecessary. I am glad there was a protest, and people didn't think of these lives as 'just fish'.
    It would have been just as easy to have commissioned a huge painting or series of paintings done in acrylics which could have been frozen into the ice rink. That would have brought about acclaim for the artist and designer! Not this horrible result!

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    Re: A sick idea is dropped in Japan

    Very sad and unnecessary!



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