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    Chimp adopts kitten

    A chimp called Lea adopts a kitten after the staff at Irkutsk zoo in Russia refuse to take it home because of it's tail looking strange.

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    Re: Chimp adopts kitten

    That's a fascinating video, FF! The chimp stayed calm and affectionate, even when the kitten was play-biting and scratching. No doubt the chimp was lonely and wanted a friend. Zoos of the caged variety can be sad places, but having a playmate may make the chimp much happier.

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    Re: Chimp adopts kitten

    Agreed, a cagemate will make life better for the chimp.

    I'll try and get some animal news every week for the forum too.

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    Re: Chimp adopts kitten

    It's a moving video. They have both found a friend in each other.
    The staff didn't want to take the kitten home because its tail was short? That's the thing about being loved by an animal. An animal doesn't care if you have a short tail, or your hair is a mess, or your teeth have animal loves you for who you are!
    I hope these two don't get split up. They are good friends together.

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    Re: Chimp adopts kitten

    Well said Tobi, totally agree with you there!

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    Re: Chimp adopts kitten

    What a great friendship!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Frolicking Ferrets View Post

    I'll try and get some animal news every week for the forum too.
    That would be great



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