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Thread: Urgent

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    Exclamation Urgent

    9 month lab, weighs 28kg (62lb) has eaten grain based rat poison, a little less than a teaspoon.
    Shes a farm dog and recently been introduced to the paddocks, and sometime last night went into neighbors paddock and ate poison, which supposedly has been left forgotten for about a year. Found out this morning, she brought the container back with her.
    I live on the outskirts of a small town, the town vet is closed on Sundays so have to wait 12 hrs minimum. Its been about 10 hours so far, so can't induce vomiting, is there anything I can do? Currently have not noticed any symptoms, fed her boiled carrots in hopes of defecating poison out but very unlikely

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    Re: Urgent

    Good news rung emergency vet, she should be fine for the night and early next morning we're going to pop in for a blood test
    Have to look out for paleness and tiredness, but so far she seems very energetic

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    Re: Urgent

    As you live in NZ, looks like noone saw your post during the night. I am so very sorry to read about your poor dog. The main problem with your post is that you haven't stated what the name of the rat poison is, or what it contains and in what strength. How do you know that he only ate "a little less than a teasoon"? Did you weigh what was left and deduct it from the total?

    The very best page I know is here:

    It covers the different poisons and how to treat them (if you can). You may also find these others pages useful:

    It is extremely irresponsible of your neighbour to leave rat poison lying around where a dog could find it. Once your dog is better, you should raise this issue with him and/or her.

    We live in the country and have animals (alpacas and a cat and a dog), but we never ever use rat poison. Animal foods are kept in secure containers, where no rat can get inside. So the rats don't come here!

    There is a long, American article here about the risks of second generation rat poison on other wildlife:

    Please come back soon and let us know how your dog is doing. If he only ate a little, chances are he will pull through OK. But keep in close contact with your vet and report any symptoms immediately.

    Every best wish to you!

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    Re: Urgent

    I hope your dog is okay now? Rat poison is so dangerous.

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    Re: Urgent

    Sadly, Tobi, people often post on here asking for help, we spend time trying to help - and they never come back. It is a bit disappointing at times, but that is what we are here for....



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