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    I dunno what to do with my puppy HELP!!!

    Guys I need help because my puppy eats then a minute or so he vomits it and it's still whole like a serve him and he always have rheum in his eyes. I dont know how to cure him because the vet is too far from here i need help please. Thank you

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    Re: I dunno what to do with my puppy HELP!!!

    It is impossible, I'm afraid, to hazard even a guess about what could be causing this. It could be so many things. A medical examination would seem necessary, plus a detailed discussion of your puppy's eating habits, medical history, allergies, physical environment, etc.

    It is difficult for you if you live far from a vet. I sympathise. But taking him to a vet is the only realistic choice in your situation.

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    Re: I dunno what to do with my puppy HELP!!!

    ohhh.. thank you so much for your help may God Bless you and this website it is very useful for a lot of people...



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