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    Cat genetics - interesting stuff?

    I'm attending a summer program in future technology and we discuss a lot about genetics and what you can see and not see in a readout of our DNA. There are a lot of products for DNA analysis of dogs, most for breed reasons, but there is nothing out there for cats.
    It's a funny idea; you could get information about origin, breed, description of your particular cat's historic spread, potential information about risk (or no risk) to certain diseases, how closely related your cat is with grumpy cat, if it has dominance for six claws (it is, in fact, a dominant gene), how much wild cat is left in there , perhaps what should be suitable food, etc etc. Could be used in consultation with a veterinarian to optimise the conditions of a healthy life (food, medicine possible). A growing number of exciting info. You are what you are made of!

    What do you say about this?
    Would you pay for it?
    Maybe something to start up? Or just stupid? Feedback appreciated!

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    Re: Cat genetics - interesting stuff?

    My guess would be that DNA tests may be popular for dogs, because breeders can see $$$$$$ in selecting the traits they want/need. Cat breeding exists (especially for the bengal cat - a beautiful creature), but is far less common. So I would think that is why you have lots of dog DNA testing products, but none for cats, on your summer programme.

    I would suggest that you raise this topic when you attend the sessions.

    Welcome to the forum! Do you have any pets yourself?

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    Re: Cat genetics - interesting stuff?

    I think it's a very interesting idea.
    By understanding their genetic heritage we could understand quite a lot about them physically, including optimum veterinary treatments, diet, etc.

    Would I be willing to pay for this?
    Probably not -if I were strapped for cash....but definitely yes if cash wasn't a big issue. I would have loved to know my previous cat's (and my dogs') genetic heritage but never thought to ask. I would like to know my own!

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    Re: Cat genetics - interesting stuff?

    Hi guys,
    Yes, I do have two cats and have had many shelter cats for shorter times in the past.
    I perfectly agree with the breeding info not being a big market for cats as for with dogs. Not at all. But I seem very viable that the future of genetics can give us more and more info, which we may not even know about today.
    I just did the 23&Me genetic test of myself and you more or less get a bunch of stupid facts you really could live without (like how much I can taste bitterness, if my eyebrows are likely to grow together, presence of some rare genetic diseases etc). I was thinking of something similar for cat owners.



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