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Thread: Do cats swim?

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    Do cats swim?

    I never knew, my cat runs on the word water and getting him to bath is a herculean task, so I was actually surprise when I read this blog in a swimming pool builders site. It says that f you have an outdoor cat then it should know how to swim. I really have no idea how to train my cat to swim. Are any of your cats trained to swim? If yes then how did you manage to train them?

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    Cats generally do not like water, but in an emergency they mostly have an inbuilt basic swimming ability. See
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    Re: Do cats swim?

    Tigers are good swimmers :D

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    I remember seeing a video of a cat who loved swimming! I also saw a video of a kitten who simply refused to get out of a warm bath!

    But generally cats will hate water. They will swim to survive rather than drown of course. But 'training your cat to swim'? I doubt if that would work at all, and would just stress your cat very much.
    I do actually question how often a cat needs a bath? Most cats smell very clean indeed, and their habit of regular thorough grooming usually removes dust and grime on their coats. In fact, bathing them using products could even damage or dry their skin (my opinion only) And will certainly be a great stress for them.
    Of course there are exceptions -for instance if the cat has accidentally dirtied itself, or has cow muck on it etc.

    But of course, long haired cats need daily brushing.

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    My cat can't swim also.I haven't seen or heard that a cat swim.

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    Sometimes, there is a dark side of me, what I mean, I just want to throw my cat into a swimming pool, just want to see whether she could swim or not, but I don't know, my evil side is not strong enough to do that. But I think maybe, in nature, the cat will probably swim or automatically do the swim technique even though it is just a first time for them.

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    my cat reacts to water with caution, but not aggressively) but he is like that from birth

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    my mom has a cat swimming in the pool! and he likes it

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steffi Vinet View Post
    my cat reacts to water with caution, but not aggressively) but he is like that from birth
    my cat also like swiming

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    Re: Do cats swim?

    Yes, my cat also love the water as well.
    What's more if there are some fish is there, that would be a dream for her :D
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