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Thread: Meet Forgy!

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    Forgy is very photogenic.

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    Thank you, peabarnes. He still as playful as ever.

    Oh, and to the forum!

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    thanks . glad to be here.

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    Hello cutie! You are already very loved Forgy!

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    Thank you. Here he is in January this year, with two of Christmas presents: a dog bed (given my older son) and a dog-friendly teddy (given by a friend):
    Name:  Forgy in Tim's dog bed, 13.01.18.jpg
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Size:  478.6 KB

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    I like the dog-friendly teddy, the toys will become your pet’s best companion when you are not there. For my puppy I got a dog toy from an online store. They are the ideal ones to buy.
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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    this dog is really cute. looks real cuddly and I bet he's smart. I love teaching a dog tricks and obedience. It's so much fun. Looks like you will be enjoying him for a long time. thanks for sharing.
    Pat B.

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    Yes, he learns fast. He knows (and can do):
    sit, lie down, roll over, up, pirouette, stay, come, walk (he is very good at walking on two legs, as most poodle-type dogs are).

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    Re: Meet Forgy!

    Very adorable baby.



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