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    Hi guys. Help me make a nice gesture

    My name is Mihai i'm from Romania and i'm trying to do something nice for a friend.

    So this is the story:
    My friend's name is Anca. Anca likes to help little animals:) She usually saves strays and finds them a temporary home until she manages to find them a permanent one:) NO i'm not gonna ask you for money ...or anything material really so PLEASE PLASE read the rest of the message.

    The fact is she can't save every stray animal that comes her way...and she'll never be able to...and that times takes her to a very low point emotionally and physically....and i think she could use a boost
    Her birthday is coming up and i'm trying to make a video of people around the world and their pets saying hi wishing her a happy birthday and saying "thank you"...that's all.

    So if you have a pet...if you can spare 5 minutes this is what i'm asking you:

    Make a video vith you and your pet...introduce yourself and your pet...tell us what country and city you're from...and wish anca a happy birthday...or anything really.

    Her birthday is on july 11

    If you manage to take a video you can send me a message via Private Message facility on this website and we can arrange how to send me a video.

    If you don't have a pet...or this just isn't your worries:)

    i thank you for your patience (i hope)
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    Re: Hi guys. Help me make a nice gesture

    to the forum. What a lovely idea! I haven't got a pet at the moment, so I can't help you. But I'm sure that other members will respond.

    Your thread was sent by the system for moderation because you included a personal email address. I have removed it from your post, as it would expose you to spam bots, because this is a publicly viewable forum.

    I have replaced your email address with a request that members contact you via the private message facility on this forum. There is another little problem: most emails are very limited in the number of megabytes allowed for an attachment to an email (often 2Mb or thereabouts). Even a video of a few minutes uses many more Mbs than that. So you will need to arrange privately with any member who contacts you, how the video could be transferred (e.g. they could upload to YouTube, Photobucket, Google Photos etc. and you could download from there)
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    Re: Hi guys. Help me make a nice gesture

    Thank you for the warm welcome:) and for fixing my little e-mail problem:)

    I think it's a good ideea too...i want her to realise that she's doing a very nice thing and she's helping us get to our best friends and the otherway around



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