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    Neigbor's revenge.. Lost my pet

    Hi.. Recently, I lost my pet. There were some clashes between me and neighbor. He killed my cat by hitting his car. My pet is so dear to me. He knows that. I have seen a blog which says that killing a dog or cat is a crime. I am just thinking to sue a case against that person. But I don't know which lawyer, I have to meet for this. Could you please tell me what I have to do?
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    Re: Neigbor's revenge.. Lost my pet

    Maybe a Canadian member might have some ideas about choice of lawyer. I'm afraid that I live in Europe and can't help you.

    Are you sure it is a good idea to sue the person? Are you sure that he ran over your dog deliberately? If you don't have hard evidence (video of him doing this, or a neighbour as a witness of his doing this, his admitting to someone that he had done this, etc...) then you could have difficulty proving that it was deliberate.

    Suing someone will only prolong the pain you are currently feeling. I hope that you find some inner peace and wish you well, whatever you decide.
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    Re: Neigbor's revenge.. Lost my pet

    I'm so sorry. I'm afraid I don't know the Canadian legal system but I wish you luck in whatever you decide.



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