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Thread: Just saying! :)

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    Just saying! :)

    Hello every body am new to this GREAT looking forum.
    i just wanted to say that I just started NEW YOUTUBE channel 4 all ANIMAL LOVER's.
    There will be alot of great and weird animals and cute and trained and lions etc..
    i would like to welcome u all for out dayily/weekly videos!!!!


    GOD BLESS Y'all Thumbs up
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    Re: Just saying! :)

    Cool channel!

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    Re: Just saying! :)

    Good channel, i have already subscribed it.

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    Re: Just saying! :)

    Hiya, welcome to the forum. I have moved your thread to the introduction part of the forum.
    Most of the time, we don't allow links to YouTube within threads and I'm not sure if this one will be allowed. So LCP will decide on that part.
    But feel free to explore the forum and ask questions :)
    Ferrent (ferret parent/owner) to Margo, Nancy, Jimmy, Willow, Fergie, Watson, Smokii, Slynkee, Sherlock and Scylla the EU polecat hybrid.
    Come and see what they're up to here -
    RIP Florence, Jasper, and Bandit the eu polecat.

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    Re: Just saying! :)

    Yes, you are right, FF. We had a rush of people just posting links to YouTube videos and not contributing to the forum - so we introduced this sticky:

    However, I had an accident to my foot in May 2016 and was not online for quite a while. So some of those people who posted multiple links to YouTube videos slipped through the net. This one can stay, however, as other members have posted on it.



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