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    Hairball food - does it work?

    As my cat ages she sees less able to bring up her hairballs easily.

    I have found an iams food specifically for hairballs and wondered if anyone had any success with it?
    Its discounted on this site here

    Is it worth feeding a specific food for the problem?

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    Re: Hairball food - does it work?

    I really don't know about the special food.
    When I was a little girl, my mother used to give the cat a good 'lick' of butter, or open a can of tuna/sardines etc in oil, and pour the oil on her food. It greased the hairball so it would either come up okay or go down okay.
    (haha we often used to find sicked-up hairballs about the place eeeeewww!! LOL....and cats seem quite clever at sicking-up the right thing and leaving the stuff down inside which they want to keep....okay TMI!)

    But as your cat gets older of course it's going to be harder to get rid of the hairball. I think it's a wise idea to make sure a long haired cat is combed well twice a day to lessen the amount of fur swallowed.

    Sorry I can't be more help about the food.

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    Re: Hairball food - does it work?

    There are various specialized foods but they are usually not going to make the problem 100% better. Is your cat long haired?
    But I did hear from some of my friends that the special diet for hairballs helped their feline friends

    I also believe that it would help very much if the cat was well groomed. Maybe take it to a groomer once a month or once every three months and do a thorough grooming yourself every month.



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