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    Cool Flying Lion Catches Antelope In Mid Air Attack

    Flying Lion Catches Antelope In Mid Air Attack

    A flying lion leaps from a ridge to catch a fleeing antelope in mid-air. The extraordinary take down happened after a pair of lionesses surprised two blesboks running in their direction. To escape, a frightened blesbok jumped several metres from the ridge - only to be intercepted mid-flight by the hungry lion. As one of the blesboks makes a lucky getaway the other is swiftly dispatched by the fearsome predators.

    Last edited by LPC; 04-02-2016 at 09:46 AM. Reason: Deleted second link in this post to the same video.

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    Re: Flying Lion Catches Antelope In Mid Air Attack

    Welcome to the forum. You have now made two posts, both with links to the same producer of YouTube videos - although the individual videos were different. Before making any more posts, please go to the introductions section of the forum to say hello and tell members about yourself and any pets you may have.

    One link per post to a video is sufficient; please do not repeat the same link. That is why I had to edit your post above. Also, kindly note that I have deleted a third thread you started, which had a link to the same video source on YouTube.
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