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Thread: I cant decide

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    Question I cant decide

    Hi there, I need new pet bed for my Monster but I cant decide. I decide between these two beds. What do you think?

    The first one is pretier and looks higher-quality but it is a little bit costly. Do you have some experience?

    Kate :)
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    Re: I cant decide

    Welcome to the forum! Please go to the introduction section of the forum to say hello properly and tell us about yourself and your pets. You will find lots of friends here.

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    Re: I cant decide

    It won't let me see the second bed you posted, but my Cornish Rexes love their clam bed! Just type cat clam bed into google and you will see what it looks like! My Siamese really like small dog beds though, I try to get them when they go on clearance at petsmart for $10ish dollars. As long as it is fluffy and has sides I'm sure your kitty will love it!

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    Re: I cant decide

    For whatever reason, the links aren't working for me. But...

    I would always go for what is going to make the animal more comfortable and get a much better night of rest ^^

    I hope this helps!

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    Re: I cant decide

    Welcome to the forum. Please note that new members are not allowed to post commercial links. This is an anti-spam measure and the forum software automatically submits such posts for moderation.

    Please go to the introductions section of the forum to say hello to members and tell them about yourself and your pets.



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