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    Dog acting out. Help!!!

    My boyfriend and I moved in together awhile back. He had a large breed dog that was two at the time (and very jealous of me) who was pregnant and about to deliver puppies. After her puppies were born we noticed she had a hard time holding her bathroom needs- which before the puppies when I didn't live there she had no problems. We assumed it was due to the delivery of her puppies not me moving in- and gave her time to adjust and a few weeks later it was back to semi-normal with just the few occasional accidents. These would happen when we left the house for 5 minutes to a few hours after having her outside before we left.

    Now a year later and a half later my boyfriend started working out of town and we moved. We took her to his parents farm and let her stay out there for a few weeks until we got settled. She had no accidents out there. Once we brought her back she did fine for the first week. I have to travel and am gone now three days of the week so it's just them on those days. But now when I'm home I can leave her outside all day and when I bring her inside she poop's and pees in the floor. Sometimes twice in less than 24 hours. My boyfriend says she only does it when I'm here and I take her outside to go to the bathroom more than when he's here with her. He thinks she is jealous and acting out.

    Has anyone else had this problem. And if so, how did you fix it? I am at my wits end and have no idea what to do. I feed her and do everything for her so I don't understand why she acts like this only when I'm home.
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