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    a little concerned..

    i got a new pup, Rudy a few weeks ago, one of my dogs snoop who is 8 is slowly adjusting to him, by cat, Prince (who thinks hes a dog) absolutely adores him and follows him everywhere! but my other dog gizmo who is 6 wont even acknowledge him. rudy is sleeping downstairs in his crate and doesnt go upstairs at all. so gizmo is just staying upstairs all day. he'll come down for the toilet but then shoots back upstairs to his bed. he wont even come down for his food, so we are having to take it up to him just so he will eat. were checking on gizmo regularly and showing him plenty of love and attention, we keep bringing him down for cuddles but he'll stay for about 5 mins max then shoot back upstairs:/
    hes not showing any aggression towards Rudy as they are sometimes out in the garden together to try and get them use to each other, but gizmo just completely ignores him. when we first got Rudy, gizmo was shaking all the time whenever we went upstairs to check on him, this has stopped now and he is a little more lively when we go upstairs to him..
    but is this normal?
    gizmo accepted Prince fine and loves him so why wont he accept Rudy?

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    Re: a little concerned..

    It is difficult to answer your question. Dogs are like humans in many ways, including how they respond to someone new in a family. For example, when a new baby is born, some older children accept and love the new arrival straight away. Others can feel insecure at first and need a lot of time to adjust. There is no "one reaction fits all" in such cases.

    I expect that Gizmo will get used to the new arrival eventually. Indeed, the fact that he is no longer shaking with shock is a hopeful sign of adaptation. Give him time to adjust. Just give him lots and lots of love and he will come to understand that his position in the animal family has not been eroded, but rather enhanced.

    You could, of course, try the services of an animal communicator - but they almost always charge fees for their services (sometimes quite big fees). So my advice is to give Gizmo even more love and attention than you usually do. Then he will see that the new arrival is not a threat, but a new friend and companion.

    Keep us informed on the forum of any news!

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    Re: a little concerned..

    Hi, I am an animal communicator and would love to help out. If you can send me a photo of Gizmo I will try and connect to tell him it's ok. I'll also send some distant healing too. No charge, I'm feeling happy today :)

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    Re: a little concerned..

    Thank you so much, Lurcher! Your kindness will be rewarded, I am sure! Well done!

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    Re: a little concerned..

    thankyou for the offer lurcher, thats extremely kind of you, he has actually become so much better today! we brought him down for a cuddle while little pup rudy was in his crate having a nap and he actually stayed in the room once we stopped fussing him! granted he eventually went back up stairs, but he stayed!

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    Re: a little concerned..

    I recommend that you continue to give him as much love and attention as you can (one-to-one, not with the other dogs) until he returns to how he was before. Keep us informed.

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    Re: a little concerned..

    I've dealt with a situation like yours a few years ago where the old dog just didn't want to be around the new dog. We (me and my parents) just giving the old dog lots of love and kept bringing her into the same room as the new dog as often as we could. Eventually they got used to each other and we're best friends. Keep doing what your doing and have patience it will happen eventually

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    Re: a little concerned..

    just an update..
    gizmo has gotten a lot better now, hes started bringing himself downstairs and actually sitting and staying in the living room with us, and when rudy is out in the garden with gizmo and snoop, he isnt bothered by him at all. so fingers crossed he'll fully accept him soon enough and they can start playing together!

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    Re: a little concerned..

    Those are some lovely answers above.
    My kind thoughts to Gizmo. Yes, make sure you include Gizmo with fun and loving activities together with the pup and slowly I am sure he will come around. A nice idea might be to get them playing outside somewhere together, and to take them for walks together. (The "Road Buddy Thing" lol)
    Sometimes dogs relax more when they are outside walking along or chasing frisbee etc. They are not contained in rooms and don't feel trapped.

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    Re: a little concerned..

    I hope everyone has become friends now!! Puppies can be overwhelming for everyone sometimes! I know a few of my dogs love puppies, and a few hate them.



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