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    Re: a little concerned..

    Gizmo is just taking time to adjust but i am sure he will definitely come around and accept Rudy as a new member of the family.

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    Re: a little concerned..

    It may just take longer for them to accept the new pup, it sounds like you are doing lots of great stuff. Just make lots of fuss of the dog while you keep letting him see the new pup and I am sure they will get used to each other

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    Re: a little concerned..

    It seems you've done some ideas on how to make your Gizmo be at ease with Rudy, but as what you're telling it's not working at all and still he's aloof as ever to Rudy. Then better see an expert or vet for that issue to guide you better on what you should do and improve as an honor to make all your dogs get along.



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