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Thread: Vegan dog food

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    Vegan dog food

    I had recently came across a site that sells vegan dogfood i've been using it now for the past month and a half and would have to say that my dog is healthier then he was before plus is skin coat is more cleaner and natural now im not trying to push you or your pet to go vegan just trying to giver my experince and opinion on it,cause i honestly do care about your and all animals well being,if anyone is interested in it here is the link to their website where they have testimonials and info all about their products they even have breath bones if your dog has bad breath all the time.They also have a subcription where if you subcribe you save 5% and they will deliver it to your house on a weekly basis or whatever you choose.Now at the end of the day you can feed your pet whatever you want this is just advice.Thank you everyone and hope you and your pet have an awsome day.

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    Re: Vegan dog food

    That's a fascinating link, with good information. Thanks for starting the thread.

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    Re: Vegan dog food

    Thanks for taking the time to share this great vegan dog food, it's really good to give your dog something that you know is better.

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    Re: Vegan dog food

    I have no idea about vegan foods but I will definitely try it for my puppy. I am giving Posh Puppy Boutique dog food which is also very good for doggie health. But can you tell me which dog food is best for doggies growth?

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    Re: Vegan dog food

    Honestly, I don't agree with vegan dog foods, dogs are designed to eat meat not plant matter. That's why I feed mine a raw diet.
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