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    never had a cat like him!

    growing up ive always had cats and dogs. but i do love the company of a cat, but my new kitten is something else! so much so that ive extended his name to Prince Lucifer!
    hes the most vocal cat youll ever meet! he wonders round the house shouting or what we call 'meeping' if you speak to him he answers, if you look at his he meows at you, or in the mornings he likes to bellow through the house to make sure everyone knows hes up! its not because he wants anything as hes well fed and given a lot of attention. he simply just likes the sound of his own voice!
    his other bad habit is pretending to be a scarf! he doesnt mind being held for a minute or so - as long as hes lay like a baby in your arms! but after that he'll get down. but if youre bending down he'll jump onto your back and lay across your shoulders. or if i come in from work and my dogs get all excited and want to say hello he'll also then jump onto your back. now as cute as this is, it does hurt because a lot of the time he wont quite jump right so he automatically digs his claws in which a lot of the time draws blood!
    does anyone know of a way to stop him doing this? because the talking i can live with as hes very cute to listen to, but the constant scratches on my back are beginning to become annoying!
    thanks guys,

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    Re: never had a cat like him!

    I had a cat once that did the same thing as yours, loved to hang out around my neck while I was doing dishes or just sitting on the couch. Like yours she didn't have the best of judgement when jumping up so I figured this has to stop lol To many scratches and pain for me! The first thing I did was make sure her claws were trimmed on a regular basis (Still do this with my current cat) that way when she does jump it doesn't hurt quite as bad. Second on the contrary to some people's thoughts cats CAN be trained lol All I did was everytime she jumped up I would take her set her on the ground, push her bum down into a sitting position and say Down in a stern voice while pointing to the ground. It took a little while but eventually when I saw her coming all I had to do was say down while pointing to the ground and she would sit :) She would stay there for a couple of seconds and then walk away, no more jumping on me!!

    I would still pick her up and let her go around my neck but only when I welcomed it and she came to know that. Hope this helps you like it helped me! Just have patience and persistence

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    Re: never had a cat like him!

    That is cute!!

    I have a cat that is so funny, she will go around the house and make these really weird growling type sounds haha. It is pretty bizarre and then when she tires herself out she just comes and sleeps on my chest in bed lol adorable!!



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