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    Re: My idea for a Zoo Tycoon game and what animals and foliage I'd include in the ga

    This will be the last post I'll make with my ideas for If I got to help design a Zoo Tycoon game? Other posts on this thread will be replies. I made a pictures of some zoo scenery, ride, and building ideas for the game that you can put in the zoo.

    Flower Garden
    Pony Ride
    Basketball/Tennis/Volleyball, etc Course
    Tropical Aquarium
    Jack-O-Lantern Decoration
    Lazy River
    Various Animal Sculptures
    Swimming Pool and Whirlpool
    Tornado Ride
    Music Hall
    Archery Hall
    Reptile and Amphibian House
    Snowman Decoration
    Swinging Viking Ship Ride
    Mirror House
    Bumper Cars
    Dragon Coaster (a roller coaster with a dragon car)
    Drop Tower
    Haunted House Ride
    Elephant Ride
    Playground for Kids
    Nocturnal House
    Pool Hall
    Spinning Teacup Ride
    Petting Zoo
    Donation Box
    Invertebrate House
    Wishing Fountain
    Gift Shop
    Skating Rink (both roller and ice)
    Various Kids Bouncy Animal Rides
    Zipper Ride
    Bowling Alley
    Miniature Golf
    Ferris Wheel
    Zoo Map
    Trash Cans
    Picnic Tables
    Train Ride
    Easter Bunny Decoration
    Water Slides (whole bunch of varieties)
    Ride the Bull
    Shark Tunnel
    Water Ski Rental
    Ski Slope
    Boat Rental
    Swim with Dolphins
    Submarine Ride

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    Re: My idea for a Zoo Tycoon game and what animals and foliage I'd include in the ga

    This sort of reminds me of a really old game called Sim Safari. A lot of this stuff is similar to that game. But it would be cool to see this game become reality nonetheless!



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