Beavers for me but I just love animals that love the water like muskrats, whales, dolphins, grizzly bears, polar bears, seals, minks, otters, elephants, hippopotamus, Indian rhinoceros, fishing cats, tigers, platypus, pelicans, marsh and swamp rabbits, moose, marsh deer, sitatunga, tapirs, capybara, desmans, raccoons, macaques, crab-eating mongoose, ducks, herons, gulls, puffins, ospreys, fishing owls, penguins, sea eagles, flamingos, sandpipers, dippers, amphibians, marine iguanas, turtles, aquatic snakes, crocodiles, aquatic invertebrates, and fish. If I was a mermaid I would travel to both fresh and saltwater and makes friends with these animals.