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    Congressman Rob Bishop a Threat to Environment

    For too long, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop has been making excuses about why the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) should change. On September 30th, he let the program expire. Now, Rob Bishop and other extremists in Congress aim to gut the entire program and give the money back to his pals in the extractive industries. This is an outrage and he must be stopped.
    The Land and Water Conservation Fund is a time-tested and trusted program that improves quality of life in countless communities, creates homegrown jobs and allows all Americans to be active in the outdoors. Mr. Bishop’s effort to gut LWCF is essentially a renewed attempt to dismantle our shared public lands, like national forests, trails and wildlife refuges, and turn them over to the oil and gas industry so they can be drilled and mined.

    Remind your members of Congress that the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been creating outdoor experiences for you and your family for 50 years! It simply needs to be permanently reauthorized and fully funded. Mr. Bishop’s strategy to undo this popular program should be stopped in its tracks AND CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED BY SIGNING THIS PETITION WHICH CAN BE ACCESSED BY CLICKING THIS LINK:

    For people in Utah whom Mr. Bishop represents if they want to stop his highly anti-environmental policies from continuing either vote him out of office or see if he can be recalled.
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    Re: Congressman Rob Bishop a Threat to Environment

    As with a previous thread you created, I, like you, see the animal welfare and protection issues as important. I have therefore allowed this thread to be posted, even though it is a lot broader than just animal issues. Please ensure that any thread you start is wholly or mainly about animals; if not, it will be deleted. Also, do not mention to which political party a person belongs. I have therefore edited your post above, which mentioned the party affiliation several times. This is the second thread in which I have had to point this out to you. Please observe forum rules; failure to do so could result in your being banned.

    Also, once again I must politely remind anyone reading this thread that political discussions are strictly not allowed on this forum. This is not a political forum and any attempt to politicise issues will result in a warning and even banning if repeated. However, please feel free to comment if the issues are strictly related to animal protection and conservation.
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