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    Bring Your Pet to Work Day

    One of the jobs I have is a Librarian at my local Library, we have public computers there and I get kids in after school to play on them. The thing I love about it is I can take my corn snake, Eve with me and educate the kids about her. I feel snakes are very mistreated and misinformed creatures, people always think of snakes as evil and mean but they aren't! They can be the most loveable creatures out there so I love to take Eve with me and let the kids meet her and hold her. Sometimes their parents will even come and do the same, yesterday was such a day and I managed to get a few pictures that I thought I would share with you!

    First image is the inside of her travel carrier, there is Aspen shavings in the bottom with a ferret hammock on top with shavings in the hammock as well

    Second image is her place under my desk on a heat pad to keep her warm (the floor in that place is cold!)

    Last 2 pictures are of her :)
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    Re: Bring Your Pet to Work Day

    Great thread. Your snake must be one of the luckiest around. She even gets to go to work with you!

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    Re: Bring Your Pet to Work Day

    Thank you! I try to spoil her and give her new things to look at and people to meet Smile



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