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    And Simon said ...

    In jest, I told my black pet feline Simon that I saw so many pictures of him in the black-cats-only sections of a few cat-chat discussion-forum websites I visit. He in turn gave me that unmistakable sarcastic feline facial expression (or, at least, to me it appeared to be just such a look) which very much seemed to say: ‘I guess we all look the same to you, people, eh.’
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    Re: And Simon said ...

    Actually, Simon, in my mind (for I believe such perceptions are usually relative to the owner's thoughts and feelings regarding the pet), is actually not the Morris -- and definitely not the somewhat cynical Garfield -- type of character. On the contrary, in fact, he's rather docile, loves to be enthusiastically talked to (but not cooing as one might behave towards a human baby) and quite receptive to petting-attention (though he seems to experience panic attacks when held, perhaps due to early-life abuse).



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