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    Puppy Pacifiers???

    My 1 1/2 year old Great Dane sucks on the corner of a pillow every night, often falling a sleep that way. She is ruining all my couch pillows! Has anyone used a Pacifier for their dog? Where would I get one? I have only been able to find "Pacifier" Toys. I read somewhere that Puppy Pacifiers are bad because they push out the teeth, causing poorly aligned bite, and dogs don't get braces like kids do! But at a year and a half how much would her teeth actually move?

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    Re: Puppy Pacifiers???

    I have heard of some dogs doing this, although none of the dogs I have had in the past ever did it. I have also heard of dogs who fall asleep sucking a paw, as well.

    If the pillow is soft, it shouldn't do any harm. Some bought pacifiers are harder in texture and should be avoided.

    If your dog drifts asleep with something in her mouth, if you are still awake you can gently pull it from her mouth and she will probably drift off again and hardly notice. Personally, I wouldn't let this worry you too much.

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    Re: Puppy Pacifiers???

    Our american pitbull terrier used to do this. It was so wierd.



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