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    Do not use

    I was supposed to be getting my puppy on Monday but received an email Sunday night that they had given the dog to the wrong family and the other family now refuses to get the dog that the agreed to adopt. This company is absolutely awful and definitely delivered the knock out punch with that news. Do yourself and your potential animal a favor and choose not use Got Orphans Transport or you'll will be left as distraught as I am.

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    Re: Do not use

    Firstly, welcome to the forum. Please go to the introductions ection of the forum to say hello to members and tell us a little about yourself. Do you have any other pets?

    Regarding your post above, I am very sorry to read about what happened. Even though the error was a genuine one, it must be upsetting for you. But there are so many delightful puppies in need of a good home in lots of shelters - so if you adopt another one, think of the love you can give and receive!

    I suggest that you go a local shelter and choose another pet, then collect him/her personally. That is far more reliable.
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    Re: Do not use

    I am so sorry for what you must have felt about that mix-up. Maybe the puppy was one you felt a special bond with....
    The only thing I can think about it is that maybe that was meant to be for some reason. Maybe if you keep on watch for another puppy, one may come to you with a very VERY deep bond indeed -one who needs your love very much.
    Sometimes things do happen that unfortunate set of events can lead to something quite wonderful in the end.
    Do open your heart to the idea of adopting a rescue....(?) You may have your heart set on a little puppy, but don't forget it is very easy to fall in love with an adult dog, if you meet up with the right character.

    But I agree that if things happened as you describe, that company should have been more professional, and not involved two families and a little pup in such a mix-up.
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    Re: Do not use

    Welcome to AnimalForum, I'm sorry for your experience. I have never heard of that company. When someone takes the responsibility then he should always be serious about it and should never lose the trust of customer. This company sounds very pathetic.

    Have you adopted any puppy yet?



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