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    Cool Summer Safety for Dogs

    Just a quick reminder about being careful with dogs in summer weather.

    Please never leave dogs in a car for any amount of time when it is warm weather. Not even with a bowl of water, and windows cracked open. The temperature inside a car can rise incredibly rapidly, and dogs can and do die very quickly of heat exhaustion, which is a horrible way to go.

    Be careful with barbeques. A dog burning itself is a danger. So are all the tasty treats offered by guests! Many a dog has had a serious attack of pancreatitis as a result of being fed too much barbeque food. Panceatitis is an expensive veterinary emergency, and can lead to recurrent bouts in the future, or even sometimes, to the death of the dog!

    Don't exercise a dog in heatwave weather, apart from those quick 'potty breaks'. The best times for a run or a brisk walk are early mornings and evenings.

    If anyone thinks of anything else to add, please do comment.

    Happy summer, doggies!

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    Re: Summer Safety for Dogs

    5 second rule for pavement; if you can't keep your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds without the heat being unbearable, do you really think your dog would want to walk on it?

    Signs of dogs over-heating;
    Excessive panting
    Excessive drooling
    Pale or red gums/tongue
    Bloody diarrhea
    And finally unconsciousness

    If you think a dog is over-heating, put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the paw pads. Dogs sweat through their paws, and the rubbing alcohol is a liquid that will evaporate very quickly and should help lower body temperature. Be careful with this method, as too much rubbing alcohol can cause the temperature change to be too much too quick, and could cause shock.

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    Re: Summer Safety for Dogs

    Also apply a cool wet towel to the body to help cool them down. My dogs love it :) And make sure there is plenty of fresh water inside and out.

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    Re: Summer Safety for Dogs

    Yes to hot or warm for dogs is not really good. Thanks for this added knowledge for our dogs.

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    Re: Summer Safety for Dogs

    Swimming is also a good summer activity for dogs! Keeps them cool and active at the same time.



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