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Thread: The Great Race

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    The Great Race

    Wow! I do not know how the filming was done but it was an incredibly close race.... You'll see what I mean.
    Good story telling...

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    Re: The Great Race

    Yes, the poor squirrel must have been terrified - and just just escaped death. From a technical point of view, the video is very well made, but I suspect that some parts were taken at different times - e.g. the squirrel in a large pile of leaves. There was no way the person making the film could have known where the squirrel would run next, so how would s/he have had time to set up an interior view camera there - all in a few seconds (literally)? Nonetheless, it is very well produced and reminds us of how life for some animals in the wild is a constant struggle to avoid being eaten. We humans don't have to live this fear any more.

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    Re: The Great Race

    That is a well put-together little film. Very dramatic! I was literally on the edge of my seat. Yes it appears to have been compiled from different shots, to tell a story.



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