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    Chinese woman saves hundreds of Yu Lin dogs

    Another unsung hero....
    A Chinese woman has spent her life savings on rescuing dogs from the Yu Lin "Festival".

    "Over 4 million people have petitioned to stop the annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China. Among them is Yang Xiaoyun, who has saved over 3,500 dogs in the last 20 years and even sold two of her houses in order to care for them..."

    What a beautiful woman.

    There is a fundraiser for Yang and her tireless work helping those dogs at:

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    Re: Chinese woman saves hundreds of Yu Lin dogs

    Yes, a remarkable woman. At this so-called "festival", the standards of slaughter are not controlled and dogs are sometimes boiled alive, whilst still conscious. Some of the dogs slaughtered are family pets which have been collected illegally. There is a lot on the net about it. This lady has worked tirelessly to try to save these poor dogs.

    There is another benefit to all her tireless work. It has helped publicise the annual dog slaughter and drawn worldwide protests - and also within China itself.



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