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    Re: hand raising 2-3 day old puppies found in a plastic bag

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazira View Post
    The one that's not drinking that well has reddish bumps with pus on his belly!! Is it bad?
    It is difficult to say. This problem does occur with puppies, and is generally pyoderma and often not serious. But it can be a symptom of other problems, such as a bacterium requiring treatment. Only a vet can tell for sure, by looking closely and testing (if necessary). Here is a page written by a vet about this problem:

    If the problem persists, then a visit to the vet is called for.

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    Re: hand raising 2-3 day old puppies found in a plastic bag

    the bumps are almost gone now but i have a bigger issue with the penis sucking thing! they're constantly doing it and i can't be there all the time to stop them and even if i do they just turn around and do it again... can i put lemon juice or something on there so they stop liking it? i'm at a loss!

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    Re: hand raising 2-3 day old puppies found in a plastic bag

    Personally, I would not recommend putting anything near the genital area. If you feel it necessary, then do be very careful! The genital area is sensitive and nothing strong should be put anywhere near it. There is a list of smells that dogs don't like at However, almost all of them are quite unsuitable for direct application to the genital area, and some of them totally unsuitable for putting on to a dog's body anywhere. Citrus smell near but not on the genital area is a possibility, but the same warning applies. You could cause the puppy pain if the citrus essence is licked and transferred to the penis.

    It is best to play safe and not apply anything strong. You could ask your pet for advice at your next routine visit.
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    Re: hand raising 2-3 day old puppies found in a plastic bag

    Hello Sazira, I have only just seen your post. First of all -you have already really helped those little pups. Without you they would be dead now. Shame on whoever dumped them in that plastic bag!

    I don't know a great deal about raising pups. But LPC has given you some good links for advice. And you are probably going to need your vet's advice too, as it's not possible for even the cleverest kindest people to know what is wrong with a pup over the internet.

    They are probably sucking each others' penises because they are looking for a nipple, and instinctively find something that feels a bit like a nipple!
    Of course that will make the pup pee. The mother will lick the genitals of her pups to stimulate them to pee when they are very young, so it will have the same effect if another pup does it.
    A drop or two of urine isn't going to harm them, but drinking it regularly isn't such a great idea. The only way I can think of to stop this is what LPC already mentioned -and that is being very watchful, and every time you see a pup do that, guide it to the bottle teat, or even a hygienic 'comforter' or 'dummy'.
    If they were with the mother, they would nurse when they wanted to I suppose....but I am unsure about exactly what amount of milk a pup needs, and how often. But LPC gave you some good advice.

    I wouldn't put ANYTHING on their penises, certainly not lemon juice or anything acidic. To illustrate I will tell you an acutely personal story. One day many many years ago I thought it was a good idea to slosh lavender water all over myself and some ran down to a 'private area'. I had to sit in a bucket of ice cold water for quite a while...
    Lemon juice would have the same effect!

    I wouldn't recommend using anything else bad-tasting-to-dogs either. You don't want to upset their digestive systems, or cause rashes on a delicate area like the penis.

    I would say if you have any health concerns with them, don't wait too long but ask your vet. Testing their poop for parasites etc might be a good idea, but I am not sure when that should be done, and when any treatment may be used (how old they have to be) Many puppies are born with worms for instance. You will need vet's advice about that.

    It's going to be hard dedicated work with a lot of broken sleep. But in my view you get a medal for working so hard to help these beautiful pups. Bless you.



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