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    National Dog Bite Prevention Week in the UK is June 7-14

    The very first National Dog Bite Prevention Week in the UK is June 7-14.

    In response to the reports of dog bites which continue to drive news cycles in cities across the country, renowned dog trainer and behaviour expert, Victoria Stilwell from Channel 4’s It’s Me or the Dog introduces the UK’s first National Dog Bite Prevention Week, June 7th-14th.
    Dog Bite Prevention Week highlights the need for education and awareness to prevent these Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Traininglargely avoidable incidents from occurring and finds practical and workable solutions to this universal problem through education and heightened awareness for those most at risk.

    “I am devastated each time I hear about someone being bitten, mauled or killed, especially when most of these incidences could have been prevented,” Stilwell states. “Education is key, not just for parents and kids, but for professionals and educators who must all work together to spread awareness and encourage responsible pet guardianship.”

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    This is a week-long media event which aims to use media and social media to spread the word about responsible and safe pet guardianship as well as promoting a better understanding of all dogs. Sounds like a positive message to me! What do you think?

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    Re: National Dog Bite Prevention Week in the UK is June 7-14

    Great idea! You have no idea how frustrating it is to see full grown adults sometimes running up to dogs they don't even know! I have to deal with kids reaching out to grab scared, stressed shelter dogs with their parents standing right there, watching, on a daily basis.

    It's very controversial, I personally believe that unless a dog has something medically wrong with him/her (where s/he is in pain or has a mental disorder), then the dog biting is not only not solely the dog's fault, but is something that can be trained out or dealt with. Most bite cases I've seen could have been fixed by proper dog-to-dog and/or dog-to-stranger socialization, proper obedience training, knowing what not to do to a dog, and of course being able to read a dog's body language. Very few times have I heard a case where I thought the only course of action would be euthanasia, and it was generally for dogs that were terminally ill and in pain.

    Now there is a little thing called Sudden Rage Syndrome that plagues a very miniscule amount of dogs, most of whom are English Springer Spaniels. Now that is a case where, if it got bad enough, the safest course of action would be humane euthanasia. However, everyone and their brother insists that their dog that bit the mailman once has this syndrome. It's extremely rare, even in English Springer Spaniels.

    People need to understand things like dog body language, how to approach a dog, how a dog can seemingly become aggressive, how to socialize dogs etc instead of using scapegoats like Sudden Rage Syndrome or chalking it up to the dog just being a bad dog, or blood thirsty. If people continue to try and negate blame from themselves, the issue won't ever be fixed.



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