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    Exclamation Need urgent advice on stray mum and kittens

    Jumped on here and made an account just for this.

    Our company recently purchased a building next door and is prepare to demolish part of it and rebuild it with newer materials and to better suit the business needs. Today when we were checking on some two-leg racks and switches in the old server closet we stumbled upon a mother cat and 3 kittens.

    The mother has been running around the lower warehouse most of the day since then, even stole someones lunch. Problem is I am worried about the kittens, I think they are maybe 1-2 weeks. One has its eyes open and it sort of stumbles about, the one however appears to have an eye infection that is worrisome. This is a very old building, and was abandoned for several years. We've found numerous wild animals and scat in the building and I fear the infection will get worse. There looks to be some swelling under the skin just behind its eye, and puss around the closed eye itself.

    I gave them a box and put some towels and an old jacket in there for warmth hoping that the mother comes back, I checked back tonight after about 5-6 hours but the mother was still down stairs in the warehouse so I attempted to let them bottle feed a little just in case she hadn't checked on them.

    So the building is about to be demolished in two days, one kitten appears to need medical attention. If I am unable to round up the mother to take her to a shelter with the kittens by tomorrow afternoon should I just take the kittens and get them in for medical care and training on how to bottle feed them until a shelter will take them or should I just keep waiting and hoping the mother comes back before Friday?

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    Re: Need urgent advice on stray mum and kittens

    Perhaps the mother is coming back to the kittens at times when you are not looking (for example during the night, early mornings, late evenings). Perhaps all the activity prior to demolition has frightened her.

    It is a difficult choice, but if you can find the mother before Friday afternoon, then catch her (with the help of colleagues if necessary) and take her with the kittens to the shelter. Keep looking during the day, as she is likely to turn up. If you are really sure by Friday afternoon that the mother has not returned, then you will have no choice but to take the kittens to safety at that time. In the meantime, all you can do is check that they have some kitten milk by bottle.

    The ideal would be to catch the mother before then. You say that she is in the warehouse downstairs. The best course of action would be to get some friends and colleagues to form a large team so that you can catch the mother with all the exits blocked, take her to the kittens, and then transport all of them to the shelter. Perhaps there is even a chance that one kind-hearted person in your group might adopt the family and take take the kitten to the vet?

    By the way, welcome to the forum and thank you for caring about this cat and kittens.
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    Re: Need urgent advice on stray mum and kittens

    Quick update, I stopped out this morning and saw the mother down around the warehouse again but closer to the offices. Kept my distance and went to check the old offices, looks like she went up to check on the kittens. She or something I suppose, ate some of the food I left up there. The kittens weren't crying or cold.

    The one that had a messed up eye looks to be much better today and even has one of its eyes open. The kittens are in a large office room with just one door way leading in with an attached kitchen that has a door to the hall way as well. So I have all the kitchen doors closed and just the door directly to the office open. The hope is I can go close that office door and use the kitchen as sort of an airlock should I get lucky enough to enclose the mother there so I can have the shelter caretakers come to get the entire family.

    I have asked a few people if they were interested in the cats but so far no takers. Friday around lunch I plan to take them all to the vet, mother included if I catch her before taking them to the animal shelter. My fiance's friend is interested in one of the kittens but I don't feel comfortable separating them from the mother until they are a little more fully grown.Name:  WP_20150428_007[1].jpg
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    Re: Need urgent advice on stray mum and kittens

    Keep us posted, please.

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    Re: Need urgent advice on stray mum and kittens

    So what I was afraid would happen did, the mother came back and took two of the kittens, Not sure where exactly. One was left all alone. The only reason I say I was afraid it would happen is because now I do not know if they are still in the building and in danger. So I get to start the hunt all over again to see if I can round them all up. I keep checking on the remaining kitten every 2 hours or so to see if it will eat or if the mother came back and grabbed it too. As long as they are out of the building and safe I feel better, I'd prefer if I could get them to a home but with limited time and such a huge area its challenging to find them.

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    Re: Need urgent advice on stray mum and kittens

    I really hope you will find them bhoover. But whatever happens you have tried so hard and have so much kindness for them. Maybe the mother has realised it's not a safe area and has taken the kittens out. But I do hope you can locate them.

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    Re: Need urgent advice on stray mum and kittens

    bhoover, can you tell us the outcome, please?



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